Zero Savings To 112% Return On Portfolio – Case Study How Wealth Munshi Guided a NRI in Africa (2015) – Africa 🇿🇦

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Mr. & Mrs. Dhingra, satisfied NRI clients of WealthMunshi.
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Making The Family Debt-Free & Double Portfolio in The Next 2-3 Years .

👉About Mr.Chidambaresh Subbiah ( NRI , Living in Nigeria , Africa ) Soft Spoken, Down to Earth & Humble Person from Chennai . Associated with WM Since 2015 .

Experience of Working With Mr.Chidambaresh :

1.Chidambaresh works in Nigeria with Pepsi and his family lives in Chennai .

2.Sometimes we realise we dont manage money we manage investors behaviour !

👉Challenge on Working with Chidambaresh was the Mindset .

1.Loans Was an Easy Affair .

2.Most of the income was going to pay loans.

3.Never had a Mindset to create a backup.

4.That’s exactly our team stepped in to create a mindset of the importance of creating a backup & Covid Times gave confidence that back up is important.

👉Positive Side on Working with Chidambaresh :

1.Today we have started to close on debts & started to create a corpus for kids education & retirement fund.

2.Best part is to see the behaviour changing on closing debts that’s an achievement for the WM team.

3.We have never met Chidambaresh & Sasi but all communications & transactions happen digitally.

👉Best Part :

We look to making family debt-free and double his portfolio in the next 2-3 years

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