Mr. Avinash Ramkumar, Audit Partner at KPMG, Shares His Positive Experience with WealthMunshi – US 🇺🇸

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Avinash Ramkumar, Audit Partner at KPMG, shares his WealthMunshi experience.
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Name: Mr. Avinash Ramkumar

Designation: Audit Partner at KPMG

Country: San Francisco, US

Years of Association: 12 years

Services: Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Insurance Support, Mutual Funds, Equities, Portfolio Creation

Key Features: Agenda-driven approach, Personalized recommendations, Diverse investment choices, Persistent client service, Agnostic investment strategies, Long-term relationship focus

In this video testimonial, Mr. Avinash Ramkumar, an esteemed Audit Partner at KPMG in San Francisco, US, discusses his rewarding 12-year association with WealthMunshi. Avinash highlights the exceptional qualities and services that have stood out during his journey.

He praises WealthMunshi’s agenda-driven approach, ensuring key dates and milestones are achieved. The regular payments and constant reminders for various products have been instrumental in his financial planning. What sets WealthMunshi apart is their futuristic and thought-provoking questions, focusing on long-term objectives such as retirement plans and ultimate goals.

Avinash appreciates the detailed approach and personalized recommendations that demonstrate a genuine interest in building long-lasting relationships. The team’s persistence, patience, and dedication to providing comprehensive support in insurance, mutual funds, and other investment instruments have been commendable.

Unlike others, WealthMunshi offers a diverse portfolio of investment choices, tailored to individual risk appetites. Avinash emphasizes the importance of open-market options and the team’s agnostic approach, free from any limitations in selling specific products.

He believes WealthMunshi’s mutual fund recommendations have been the best, aligning with his risk tolerance and long-term growth objectives.

Avinash plans to continue reviewing his investments annually, ensuring a balanced approach that protects his principal while providing steady growth. Join Mr. Avinash Ramkumar as he shares his positive and fulfilling journey with WealthMunshi, a trusted partner in financial planning and wealth management.

Are you a professional in a similar role looking for expert financial planning and wealth management services? WealthMunshi invites individuals like you to book an appointment with our experienced team of experts. Benefit from our agenda-driven approach, personalized recommendations, diverse investment choices, and persistent client service. Our agnostic investment strategies and long-term relationship focus ensure your financial goals are met effectively. Schedule your appointment with WealthMunshi today. Let us help you secure your financial future.

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