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WM is a One Stop Shop For all Financial Solutions – Case Study HR Expert (2016)

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Amit Ghai endorses WM for expert virtual money management as a savvy millennial investor.
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💻Virtual Money Managememt is an ART & WM is Best At It , Says HR Professional From Noida.

Amit Ghai ,Hr Professional With Amazon , Noida.

Associated Since : 17TH APRIL 2016

👔 Brief Introduction:

India is an Emerging Market with Millennial’s making a big impact in the Growth Story ! Our Vision is to Educate & Guide as many Families Digitally to Wealth , Financial & Sucession Analysis from Home . Amit Ghai is a HR Professional & a Millenial , Next Generation Investor.

👉Experience on Working With

Challenges Faced :

Took Close to 3-4 Years to KickStart His Portfolio .

Best Part :

All Financial & Wealth Analysis has been “Curated to Family Goals, From” : 1.Medical Contingency 2.Familys Financial Security 3.Kids Education Corpus 4.High Risk Portfolio etc Amit is more confident after 6 years seeing the over all benefit of the association .

End :

Watch the Video Till The End to Know Why Amit Feels “Stratergic Money Management is an ART & Why Wealth Munshi is Best at it” .

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