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With Proper Asset Allocation Its Merry Time !

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✅ With a drop for each, #Nifty and #Sensex .

All indices apart from IT got sleigh-ed. The dollar, among other things, helped the IT index
stay resilient and close at 1.97%.
Nifty Realty held on to the reins for dear life, with a sharp drop of –8.37%. Nifty #smallcap
and #midcap indices saw more corrections than #largecap.

Omicron and its rise in developed markets in the US and Europe, slowed down the heady
market rally.

Global inflation and its continued rise.
Global markets fell as well, with the S&P 500 dropping nearly 2%.
This is strengthening the Fed and other central banks’ resolve to raise rates. Tapering, too, is
proceeding at a rapid pace.

India’s inflation story.
A supply crunch and low consumer demand, indicate that not everyone has recovered from the
pandemic. This also explains RBI’s stance.
India still remains an attractive investment destination , backed by RBI and other government

Our asset allocation is in place, and your eye is on the long-term, its all merry .

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