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Wealth Munshi Guided On Insurance Analysis, Risk Analysis, Cash Flow, Helped Get Emergency Fund Within 48 Hours When Needed Most. Thanks To WM’s Smooth & Seamless Digital Platforms. (2013)

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Mr. Murugesan Gopalan, who transformed his financial outlook with WealthMunshi.
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Insurance is like buying future money today at a discounted price.

👉Experience Shared By Mr. Murugesan Gopalan,

General Manager & Head of Delivery, Mindtree

Former Director, Cognizant.

🗓Associated With WM Since 10th Jan 2013.

✅Challenge :

Mr. Murugesan has been a Conservative Investor, Over The Last 6 Years, We have Mentored Mr. Murugesan To Take Risks on His Portfolio.

✅Positive :

Mr.Murugesan has a New Insight On Financial Planning After 15 Years Of Corporate Life.

✅Best :

Curated Financial Solutions Has Made Mr. Murugesan’s Family Well Secured In case of any eventuality.


Mr. Murugesan Strongly Recommends To Trust WM’s Advise.

👉Mr.Murugesan’s Advise To Other Investors :

Watch The Video Till The End To Know What One Should Do To Get The Correct Financial Solution.

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