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Mrs. Soma Gupta, Wealth Munshi's satisfied client from HSBC.
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Name: Mrs. Soma Gupta
Designation: Global Head of Standard and Governance, Intelligent Automation, HSBC
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Associated Since 16 years

✅ Financial Challenges Faced:

  • Soma Gupta faced challenges in effectively managing her finances.
  • She needed guidance from a wealth planner to navigate her financial journey.
  • Determining the right investments became a daunting task for her.
  • Managing expenses after marriage & kids, added complexity to her financial situation.

✅ Best Experience:

  • Soma Gupta’s best experience came when she met Wealth Munshi at the right time.
  • Through Wealth Munshi’s guidance, she gained a comprehensive understanding of her finances.
  • Wealth Munshi introduced her to the concept of goal-oriented investments.
  • As a result, her finances were streamlined, and she gained the confidence to rely on Wealth Munshi’s expertise.
  • One notable aspect of her experience is that Wealth Munshi also offers online wealth succession planning, which Soma Gupta is looking forward to Subscribing.

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