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This Dussehra ! Destroy The Bad Habits On Your Financial Freedom Journey !

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This Dussehra ! Destroy The Bad Habits On Your Financial Freedom Journey !
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Let us rejoice on this auspicious day to begin new things in life.

Have you ever considered the wider importance of Navaratri’s nine days?

These nine days reflect Goddess Durga’s nine manifestations, each with her own concept.

We Have made an effort to draw a comparison between these nine avatars of the Goddess together with the world of investment.

1️⃣ Shailaputri –Embodiment of patience, devotion & purity

The financial connection here is that your approach should be based on clear thinking, remain committed to the strategy.

2️⃣ Brahmacharini – Depicts calmness.

Wise investor must be disciplined & refrain from receiving unsolicited & imprudent advice.

3️⃣ Chandraghanta – Depicts grace, bravery & courage.

An Investor must keep cool in stressful situations & avoid panicking. This also implies that one’s portfolio should be diversified Portfolio.

4️⃣ Kushmanda – Believed to improve health, bestow wealth & strength.

An Investor like the Goddess of Light, must be able to dispel the shadows of doubt & skepticism with the light of his knowledge & understanding.

5️⃣ Skandamata – Lead the war against evil.

Take charge & onus of your investments.

6️⃣ Katyayani – Goddess symbolizes intelligence & peace.

You also must have a keen eye for details by keeping yourself up to date.

7️⃣ Kalaratri – Destroyer of all demons.

You must make difficult decisions quickly as in the Kalaratri form.

8️⃣ Mahagauri – Represents inner beauty.

It is acceptable to make a mistake & go wrong. However, one must learn from their mistake.

9️⃣ Siddhidatri – Goddess of accomplishment, who bestows perfection.

Be humble enough to admit that you may lose money even if you have the best ideas & strategies.

✅ May the Goddess Durga empower you & your family with her nine Swaroop of Name, Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Humanity, Education, Bhakti & Shakti.

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