Succession plan

What Exactly Is Succession Planning?

Succession Planning is a collection of documents that specify how you want your:

1. Physical
2. Financial
3. Digital
4. Intangible
5. Business Assets to be distributed

Making it easier to pass on your wealth created in your lifetime to the next generation in case of eventuality or disability etc.

1. Why Should You Plan?

2. When Should You Plan?

3. How Should You Plan?

4. Nomination in PPF, FD, RD, Savings Account

5. Nomination in Life Insurance & MutualFunds

6. Five Goals of a Good Inheritance Plan

7. Four Essential Documents Which Everyone Must Have

8. Advantages of Estate Planning

9. Estate Planning Basics

10. What are the Consequences of Not Doing Estate Planning

11. Business Succession Planning

12. Special Child needs Trust Information

13. Estate Planning Check List Sheet (Read More)


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