Financial Solutions Tailor Made For Each Family By Wealth Munshi – Hindi Success Story NRI Canada (2009)

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💰How To Invest Virtually in India From Canada Without Paperwork -Success Story !

🌏WM has a History Of Creating Happy Investors Across The Globe . On Popular Demand This Success Story Goes To Canada . ———————————————————————————————-

👍Experience On Working With Mr.Nikhilesh KVD. ( NRI , Canada 🇨🇦 )

🗓Associated With WM Since 16th Dec 2009.

Challenge :

More of a Risk Averse Portfolio .

Positive :

We have Made a Stratergic Goal Based Asset Allocation .

Best Part:

His Mom & Dad Entire Family Portfolio is Managed by WM .

👉Mr.Nikhilesh’s Advise To Other Investors : Look at WM as an Ideal Choice For a Genuine Long Term Partner Towards Financial Freedom .

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