Saved on Huge Medical Expenses For My Parents With WM’s Guidance & Advise -Experience Shared By CA. (2004)

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Mr. Pankaj Sancheti, a Wealth Munshi Strategic Partner.
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😷 Trust WM Completely on Research & Analysis For Personal Wealth Management .

Mr. Pankaj Sancheti ( Chartered Accountant )

Former Partner PWC ,

Founder Kevalin Consultants

Stratergic Partner Wealth Munshi .

Associated Since : 2002


Previous Month Was Dedicated to HR Professionals , This Month we are Dedicating to Corporate Leaders.

Hailing From a Family Of Jewellers , Pankaj is a a CA By Profession & Has Been a Partner With The BIG 4 .

Our association with Mr Pankaj Goes 20 Years Back .

Previously We Had Shared a Case Study Where One of Our Investor Mr.TS Mohan had become a Strategic Partner For Team Building.

Similarly ,Pankaj is also one of Our Strategic Partners For Tax , Accounting & Start Up Advisory.

Also Mr.Pankaj Has Introduced Many To WM , From :

Retail Investors



Co-Operative Banks

& Has Been The Winner of one of the Loyalty Programme in 2015 With Highest Number of Introductions in a Quarter .

Experience on Working With

👉Challenges Faced :

“Turn Around Time” To Action On The Recommendation For His Portfolio has been Very High . Due To Which We “Lost Few Opportunities” .

👉”Positive Side” :

When We Proposed Medical Insurance To Mr.Pankaj 10 Years Back , He Was “Reluctant as He Already has a Corporate Cover”. Last Year Mr.Pankaj’s Parents Were “Admitted In The Hospital Due to Covid For a Month” & The Medical Insurance Safeguarded The Family a Huge Expense.

👉“Best Part”:

Most of our Investors Realise that “Owning a Health Insurance Inspite of Their Corporate Cover Makes Sense” .

Today most of our investors are not only Proposed to have a Medical Insurance , We also are Strongly Advised to Own a Cancer & International cover .

👉“End” :

“Some Experiences Leave a Life Long Impact”. Watch the Video till the End To Know Which “2 Memorable Experiences Made WM Earn The Trust in the Last 20 Years of Mr.Pankaj Sancheti , His Family & Close Friend” .

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