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Save First Then Spend Always Makes Sure We Do Not Overspend ( 2016 )

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Mr. Prem Kiran Udayavarma, CIO at FANUC India, showcasing financial management success.
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Mr. Prem Kiran Udayavarma
Designation: Chief Information Officer, FANUC India Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Bengaluru.
✅ Association Since: 2015
✅ Financial Challenges Faced Before Associating With Wealth Munshi :


  • Limited returns from investing in fixed deposits (FD).
  • Difficulty in conducting research on different mutual funds independently and determining the best options for investment.
  • Lack of a comprehensive overview of his financial status, making it challenging to track progress towards his financial goals.

✅ Best Experiences With Wealth Munshi :

  • Enhanced discipline in managing investments and aligning them with specific goals.
  • Efficient wealth management and financial planning provided by the dedicated team at Wealth Munshi.
  • Accessibility and prompt support from the Wealth Munshi team, including the convenience of utilizing their mobile app for investment monitoring.
  • Appreciation for the personalized service at Wealth Munshi, as they understand my risk profile , asset allocation , profile short medium and long term goals, providing continuous support till goal accomplishment .

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