Pride of India & Asian Sports Champion Diversified Portfolio From Real Estate To Mutual Funds (2008)

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Mr. Darius and Mr. Kynan, Wealth Munshi’s Esteemed Clients and Champions.
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WM is Proud To Guide & Mentor India’s Pride & Asian Shooting Champion .

👔 Brief Introduction:

Mr.Darius is a Businessman & Mr.Kynan is the Asian Shooting Champion for India. Associated Since 2008 !🗓

*Positive Side:*

1️⃣Its a *warm feeling when darius is around*

2️⃣*Khane ka peene ka maja ni life jeene ka* this is what Holds so true for this Parsi Father & Son DUO .

3️⃣Polished, good at *heart & have a weakness for good food*🍎

4️⃣Out & Out Travel & Party Enthusiasts & Globe Trotters .🛄

5️⃣*True & Genuine* Friend for life .💯

*Challenge :*

1️⃣*Complacent* 🗳️ (Landlord with some of the tallest / prominent commercial building in hyderabad with rental income running into crores )

2️⃣Happy Go Lucky .🍀

3️⃣Most of the Portfolio was in *PSU banks & was difficult to Consolidate* all in one Place💹

4️⃣*Digital Challenges*.📽️

5️⃣Now Most of *Finances are in One Place with WM*🤑

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