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Niyesh Sanghi Meets J A Chowdary, Technology Visionary and Startup Mentor

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In a recent meeting, Niyesh Sanghi, an accomplished entrepreneur, had the privilege of meeting J A Chowdary (JA), a prominent figure in the technology industry. JA’s remarkable journey includes being the Founding Director of Software Technologies Parks of India (STPI), where he played a vital role in establishing the IT ecosystem in Hyderabad, Cyberabad, and Bangalore.

JA’s expertise extends beyond his role at STPI. He was a key member of the founding team of Portalplayer, which designed and manufactured the core Silicon Chip for Apple’s iconic iPod. The company was later acquired by NVIDIA Graphics, where JA served as the Managing Director for NVIDIA India. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to launch his own EdTech startup, Talentsprint.

Recognizing JA’s vast experience and knowledge, the Government of Andhra Pradesh invited him to advise on promoting the IT industry in the state. He played a crucial role in setting up Fintec Valley in Vizag and establishing the prestigious Institute of Excellence in Digital Technologies (IIDT) in Tirupati.

Currently, JA is actively involved in mentoring several startup companies in emerging technologies. He also holds the esteemed position of Chairman for the India Blockchain Technology Standards Committee, where he is instrumental in developing new standards for Blockchain Technologies under BIS/ISO.

The meeting between Niyesh Sanghi and JA centered around discussions on the IT ecosystem, EdTech advancements, and emerging technologies. Niyesh Sanghi sought JA’s valuable insights and guidance, drawing from his vast experience and profound understanding of the industry.

As both entrepreneurs continue to drive innovation and contribute to the growth of the technology sector, this meeting marked a significant collaboration between two visionaries committed to pushing the boundaries of possibility and shaping the future of the industry.

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