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Mr. Manish Kumar Kanojia

Strategic Partner & Advisor

A seasoned expert in the field of interactive communication and digital media, with a strong focus on branding and marketing. He possesses exceptional visual communication skills and the ability to conceptualize and execute innovative digital strategies. With extensive experience consulting for top Indian and international companies in various industries, Manish is a highly sought-after consultant.

As a creative leader in the field, Manish has a deep understanding of digital marketing trends and technologies and is driving the technology initiatives of the future at Wealthmunshi. He is dedicated to helping businesses stay ahead of the curve and achieve their goals through the effective use of digital mediums.

With his passion for innovation and expertise in interactive communication and digital media, Manish is well-positioned to help businesses unlock the full potential of the digital world. By leveraging his experience and strategic insights, he is helping organizations build a brighter, more connected future and achieve success in the digital age.


Visting Faculty

  • Jaipuria School of Business
  • Jamia Hamdard University
  • Asian Business School

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