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1. On Financial Planning : (read more)

For 240,000 Families There is One Financial Planner.
76% agreed that there is a need for education in financial planning .

2. Retirement : (read more)

Less Than 1% Have a Retirement Income For Lifetime.

3. Education: (read more)

Parents Being Unaware of Savings , Education Loan has Gone Up by 17% YOY .

4. FD VS Mutual Funds: (read more)

Total Fixed Deposits Have Declined Sharply in the Last 10 Years To 99 Trillion INR 2022 .

Mutual Funds Assets India Have Grown 6 Fold in Last 10 Years to INR 38.89 Trillion As on January 31, 2022 .

5. Conclusion : (read more)

Hire a Trust Worthy Wealth Manager For Better Retirement & Kids Education .

6. Mission of Wealth Munshi : (read more)

Making India Financially Literate.

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