Kids Education Goal Achieved With 36.44% CAGR on Portfolio -Case Study of NRI in Australia (2004) – Australia 🇦🇺

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Mr. Rahman celebrates financial success with global services by Wealth Munshi.
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🌏 Wealth Munshi Goes Global

Our Entire Team has decided to take up case Studies of NRI / PIO / R2I ( Non Resident Indian , Person of Indian Origin & Return to India ) From :







✅The First Case Study is of Mr.Rahman (Associated Since : 8th Aug 2004)

Experience on Working With Mr.Rahman:

1.Proud to Let you know WM helped Fund Aseem’s College Fund in Australia.

2.Mr.Rahman’s Portfolio as on March 2021 Generated a CAGR ( Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of 36.44% 💰 .

3.Our Team is also Filing his International Tax Returns.

4.Also Assisting him in Liquidating his Flat in India .

5.Lastly but not the Least Getting his Succession Plan in Place.

👉Challenges Faced :

The Only Challenge faced has been the lag time duration relocation From Australia to the US .

👉“Positive Side” :

Rahman has always kept in touch with our team irrespective of the Financial Circumstances .

👉“Best Part”:

Rahman understood the benefits of Working WM Than a Lic Agent. Customer Service Team.👥

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