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Investment Strategy for MNC Director to Build Multi Crore Portfolio For Retirement & Education etc (2007)

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Mr. Chandramouli Vijjhala at Wealth Munshi Investor Meet.
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🎯WM has Curated & Customised Portfolio For Each Goal For The Family .

👔 Brief Introduction:

Mr.Chandramouli Vijjhala is the Director Global IT, John Deere , India.

( Associated Since 2007 🗓)

Team Player & its a good feel factor to chat with him always 😍


Home Work / To Do List / Actionable list is Pending💦

Positive :

1️⃣Mr.Chandramouli Lives in Pune now , But whenever he visits hyderabad never misses an opportunity to connect☯️

2️⃣Punctual on each meeting Physical or Digital.🤝💻

3️⃣We Thank Him to be Part of our 1️⃣st Investor Meet where he flew all over from pune✈️🤗

4️⃣Family Person with Rich values👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

5️⃣Friend for life & we wish we will spend more time in our grey days together👬 Customer Service Team.👥

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