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Investment hacks to Build a Multi Crore Portfolio for Retirement in 20 Years from Zero – Case Study (2001)

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Mr. Sakaar Anand, Business and HR Head at BMC Software, and a client of Wealth Munshi
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My First House & First Investment Was Planned By WM & Now My Retirement As Well .

👉How Ceo’s Plan For Retirement .

👔 Brief Introduction:

Former Ceo of Basix Micro Finance .

Associated Since 2001 .( Nearly 2 Decades )

Experience of Working With Mr.Sankar Datta :


1️⃣ Mr.Sankar had “Honoured us by his Gracious Presence on Our 1st Investor Meet”🤝 Along With His Wife Mrs.Sonja Datta as the Guest of Honour

2️⃣ First “10 initial Clients Sourced in 2001”👤

3️⃣ Known Mr.Niyesh Since the Days When Days Were “Really Very Tough , no Income for Months , There was Lot of Pain , Hardwork Without Luck”🈷️

4️⃣ Mr Sankar is a “Mentor , Guide , Coach to Us”👬

5️⃣ Today Mr Sankar is “Self Sufficient & Retired we are Proud to Say We have Planned Well”👏 for All His Goals Till Retirement👨‍🦳

Challenges were “Always From Our End”:👍

1️⃣ When We started in 2001 , “Nothing Was Digital📲 , In Fact We Didnt Even have a Team”👥

2️⃣ Today the Only Challenge With Mr Sankar is “Getting Him Equipped to Technology” 👨‍💻

Best Part :

WM team has adapted to the changing environment of financial services in the last 20 years benefitting The Datta Family .

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