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I Trust Only Wealth Munshi, Says Muscat Based Banker After Few Bad Experiences – Case Study Interview (2007) – Muscat 🇴🇲

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Mr. Amit Singhal - Head of Bank of Muscat re-engages with WealthMunshi.
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Right People Always Stay , 🇴🇲After 7 Long Years I Ported Back Complete Portfolio To WM .

Mr.Amit Singhal , Head Bank of Muscat ,Oman .

Associated Since : 9th Sep 2007

We started our association With Mr.Amit’s First Job.

Experience on Working With Mr.Amit Singhal.

👉Challenges Faced :

In 2013 Amit Moved On to work with his Friend working with a bank .

👉Positive Side :

Unhappy With His Banker Mr.Amit Ported His Complete Portfolio to Wealth Munshi in 2020 , “After 7 Long Years”.

👉Best Part:

Amit Strongly Believes That WM puts Customers Interest first & Provides Customised Financial Solutions .


✅Watch the Video till the end To Know Why Mr.Amit Singhal Come Back to WM & Valuable Advise to New Investors.

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