How SIP helped Multiply & Build a Substantial Portfolio for Self,Family & HUF of Government Official (2015)

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Mr. Rohitashwa Manohar Mujumdar - Financial Transformation with Wealth Munshi.
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How Additional Commissioner Income Tax Build His Family Portfolio .

Brief Introduction :

Mr.Rohit is in one of the Highest & Most Powerful Positions in The Government Today , Being as Additional Commissioner for Income tax , Mr Rohit Understands Finance Well .

Challenges Faced :

1.Most Investments have been Scattered.

2.Had Multiple Distributors.

3.Consolidation of all Finances in one place for him , HUF , Spouse & Kids.

4.Most Investments Done Were Offline .

5.We Are happy we could help him realise the Importance of being Digital .

6.Today All His & His Families Investment Are Tracked & Executed Digitally on Our Platform .


1.We have 100% Wallet Share .

2.Always ready to lend a helping hand inspite of his busy schedule for Income Tax Issues .

3.One of our Investors had a 18lac tax notice & Was Smoothly Resolved .

4.Today his Entire Family’s Portfolio Including the Next Generations Portfolio can be Tracked From Our APP.

✅Lets See What Mr.Rohit about His Experience With Wealth Munshi .

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