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How a Nail Saved The Entire Management & Factory 🏭 !

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How a Nail Saved The Entire Management & Factory 🏭 !
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Real-Life Story With a Strong Message!

The Story:
Once upon a time, there was a big manufacturing factory.
One fine day, The machine in the factory broke down.

The management called the service provider urgently as every
hour was costing a huge loss.

The Technician surveyed for 2 days,
3rd day he put an Xon one of the parts of the machine,
4th day he changed one nail& machines started to work again.
Everyone was very happy & moved on.

Cost Of Expert:
After a week the service provider send a bill of 10,000 dollarsto the management.
The management wrote to the service provider on WHY such a huge bill for only having a nail fixed.

Cost of The Nail:
The service provider replied, $1 dollar for the nail & $9,999 dollars for exactly where to nail it.

Moral of the Story:
Team Wealth Munshi makes sure your finances are in right shape by
working on the grey areas of your cash flow & portfolio.

Appreciate the Expertise!

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