House Purchase Calculator

House Purchase Calculator

Client Goal / Requirement:
TYou would like to purchase a 2 BHK flat in the next 5 years costing around 90 lakhs in today's value in Navi Mumbai region.

Ref. No Particulars Amount Remarks / Notes

Future Value of House

1 Present Value of House
2 Growth Rate of Real Estate %
3 Number of Years for Goal
4 Future Value of House

Home Loan / Downpayment

1 Home Loan Funding %
2 Home Loan Amount
3 Down-Payment
4 Down-Payment Amount

Home Loan Feasibilty

1 Current Monthly Income
2 Expected Income hike over the period (p.a.) %
3 Expected Monthly Income while buying house
4 Ideal Percentage of EMI to Monthly Income %
5 Ideal Home Loan EMI Limit
6 Home Loan Rate %
7 Home Loan Tenure (in Years)
8 Home Loan EMI

Utilization of Current Assets for Down-payment

1 Resale Value of Current House (after 5 years)
2 Sale of Plot (after 5 years)
3 Total Current Assets Utilized
4 Percentage of Goal on Track

Fresh Investments Required for Down-payment

1 Deficit (Corpus Required-Assets Utilized)
2 Start investing after (no. of years)
3 Stop investing before (no. of years)
4 Expected Investment Returns (p.a.) %
Lumpsum Funding Required (If Available)
Monthly Investments (Fixed)

Planner Comments/Observations

You can achieve this goal by making a downpayment from resale value of existing house/plot, starting a fresh investment of Rs. 20,000 in debt & equity MFs and taking a fresh 10 year tenure home loan at the time of purchase.