Gratuity Calculator

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Gratuity Calculator

Plan Date
Name of Client
Date of Birth
End-of-Service AgeYears
End-of-Service Date
Date of joining the current employer
Time to Retire
Type of Current EmployerYears
Salary (Basic + DA), CurrentYears
Avg. Expected hike in salary over the years%
Salary (Basic + DA), at End-of-Service
Time in case the employment is continued till End-of-Service with the current employer
Conditions of Gratuity receivable at End-of-Service, exempt
As per Law
Actual received from Employer
Max. Limit for Exemption
Amount Exempted from Tax
Actual received from Employer
Taxable amount of Gratuity received
Tax Slab%
Tax to be paid on Gratuity received @ applicable Tax Rate
Post-Tax Amount of Gratuity to be received

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