Financial Planning Guidance For Beginner & First Time Investor – Hindi Case Study of IT Employee. (2017) Hindi

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🎓Are You Wealthy Or Rich ? Start Early Is The Mantra For First Time Investor To Achieve Financial Freedom & Security.

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One of The Motto Of Our Fintech is To Simplify Personal Finance Digitally Especially For Beginners.

👉We Have Received Many Requests In Recent Times On How WM Handheld Beginners To Financial Freedom

👉Another Request Was For Case Study In Hindi

Experience :

👉Associated Since: 8th Aug 2004 Mr Sumadhur, Delivery Manager In Unisys, Bengaluru.

👉Challenge Faced :

Mr. Sumadhur Did Not Have A Clue Where to Start.

👉Positive Side :

WM has Build a Diversified Portfolio For Each Financial Goal .

👉Best Part:

Sumadhur With WM Is Enjoying The Journey To Financial Freedom & Feels Secured .

👉End :

Watch The Video Till The End What’s The Advise By Mr.Sumadhur For Beginners & Seasoned Investors on Associating with WM .

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