Converting Loss Making Portfolio to Generate a 49% Return in 2 Years Inspite of Covid -Case Study (2019)

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Entrepreneurs Anita and Rustom - Wealth Munshi Success Story.
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✅ We Do not Manage Money , We Manage Emotions .

👔 Brief Introduction:

Mrs.Anita & Mr.Rustom Are Entrepreneurs.

About Investor:

🗓Associated Since : 2019

Experience on Working With Both :

👉Challenges Faced :

✅ When we first connected around 2 years ( 2019 ) they “already had a wealth manager” .

✅ When we got the portfolio most funds “needed some serious intervention”.

✅ 2019 The Portfolio was in “shambles , not goal oriented , there was no direction & worst was it was running into huge losses” .

✅ 2020 By the time we “reshuffled the Portfolio covid happened”

✅ Not only the portfolio ,the business was running into few challenges ,so it was important to keep in mind “security cum long term wealth creation”

👉“Positive Side” :

✅ More than a wealth manager both needed a “guide an anchor , a mentor who could not only handle their emotions & Portfolio but also show them a road map ahead

✅ WM team stepped in to do the “handholding & restructure the entire portfolio” . —

👉“Best Part”:

✅ Both Anita ji & Rustom connect “together” on each call with WM Team .

✅ Today Inspite of Covid Times WM has been able to “generate close to 49.55% CAGR & Healthy Mix of Equity to Debt” .

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