Why India Will Be “Sone Ke Chidiya” Again !

India was called the ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’ or the Golden bird as India used to command a 24% share of the World Economy.

A famous investor once said, to identify a good investment idea, first find the story and then look for numbers.

India was one of the largest economies in the world from the end of the 1st millennium BC till the beginning of British rule in India. India’s share of global industrial output declined from 25% in 1750 to 2% in 1900 and its share of the world GDP was down to 2.7 % in 1947. Currently, India’s economy at $2.87 trillion accounts for a 4.7% share (PPP) of world GDP.

From a $ 14 Billion economy at Independence, it took us 60 years to achieve the $1 Trillion mark in 2007. The subsequent trillion, however, took less than 10 years and we are en route to achieve the $3 Trillion mark in 2022, i.e. in around 5 years from the last Trillion. In the 75th year of independence, India stands on the cusp of major change: a transformation that could lead to unprecedented economic growth paired with radical improvements in the nation’s Human Development Index (HDI).


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