In 2022 Stop Writing Resolutions Start Building Habits !

✅ Why Habits Are Better Than Resolutions

1. Our Body & Mind is in Sync With Habits.

2. Once something becomes a habit, we dispense the least amount of energy to do the task.

3. It happens on Automode

Example :

1. Brushing our Teeth.

2. Spending endless hours on Social Media.

✅ Habit Could Be Our Only Way To Move Forward, Few Examples:

1. Set Goal As Password

2. Drink Enough Water Daily

3. Read 30 Minutes a Day

✅ Ever Wondered Why We Set Resolutions?

1. Puts us in a Comfort Zone .

2. Doesn’t Cost .

3. Gives us Hope.

4. Feeling of All is Well.

🎯 Lets Shift Our Focus Towards Forming Good Habits in 2022.

Wishing a Happy & Habit full 2022.

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