Do Not Make The Same Mistake Again !

We saw it happen in March-April 2020.

Sensex is down nearly 5000 points (it closed at 55,826 points on 20 Dec 2021) from its peak in October.

The Indian economy is trying to make a comeback despite the challenges of high inflation & omicron variant threatening global recovery.

1.Stopping Investments:
Success in long term investing comes from two things. Staying invested & enhance investing, especially when markets crash.
Stopping your SIPs now is like not buying in a Diwali Dhamaka or Christmas sale.

2. Capital Erosion:
After 6 years, the chance of a loss in Portfolio is nearly zero.

3. Switch VS Exit .
Even if the fund is bad, you can always switch into a better fund.
But exiting equity altogether? That’s where the real loss comes from.

4. Bottom Fishing:
You don’t know when a market will bottom out , That’s why there is SIP.

To Know Benefits of a SIP ( Systematic Investment Plan), Click Here:

5. Mutual Fund An Important Asset Class In Your Portfolio:
Equity works but only in the long term of 7 years or more.
If you have invested in well-chosen mutual funds with a Good Track Record, then you have no reason to lose faith.

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