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Amalgamating Management Solutions with Global Financial Goals

Business leaders and professionals have shown an impressive surge in wealth creation. Thanks to the modern wealth management consultancies that have been effective in their financial planning taking care of all the levels of financial requirements. Managing the financial portfolio is a matter of great skill and sound knowledge which is best outsourced to modern financial consultants.

Having supported hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide in achieving their financial goals, Wealth Munshi, the Blockchain-enabled start-up, recognized by the ministry of commerce and industries, has developed a remarkable reputation in the financial sector. Established in 2017 by an innovative financial professional and entrepreneur, Niyesh Sanghi who is steering its operations as Founder, Wealth Munshi has been the veracious solution through its clinical approach to understanding customer expectations and identifying their financial needs, predominantly. Wealth Munshi offers complete financial and wealth management solutions all under one roof that includes financial analysis, loan procedures, specialized services in portfolio management and NRI solutions, succession plans, tax planning, and core wealth management.

The mesmerizing rendezvous CIOLOOK India team had with Niyesh, unfolded a gamut of interesting and inspiring aspects of his initial inspirations in beginning the company, various challenges faced and surmounted, steering the business operations with the technological applications. He also revealed his advice to budding professionals and his plans for guiding the organization in dynamic horizons.

Sir, please describe Wealth Munshi in detail.

Wealth Munshi (IMF) Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 2017, as a comprehensive wealth advisory company. I have about 20 years of experience in the fields of financial planning, wealth management, and succession planning. Wealth Munshi is a 100% fintech company, all end-to-end tasks are paperless.

Our company has about 4500 clients on its list. Many of the clients have been associated with us for the last 20 years. This reflects the bonding that we share with all our clients. All the investors have found investing with Wealth Munshi has given them huge returns. Also, we have freed all the clients of daily follow-up of making changes in their portfolio. Our team of experts regularly evaluates the portfolio of the investors and advises on the changes to be made.

The company enjoys the highest level of trust among all investors. The result is that any advice given to clients finds total acceptance in them.  Wealth Munshi is a one-stop shop for all the investment needs of the family or corporates in the short term and long term. Each client of Wealth Munshi is given a detailed wealth management report, which incorporates both long-term and short-term goals for the clients. This is one of the most incredible eye-openers for all clients. This is a unique report, which has no comparison in the market.

Please tell us about yourself and the saga of your reputed business leadership from the beginning.

Well, I have a post-graduate diploma from NIFT, New Delhi. With performance as my passion, I have been privileged to have joined the Million Dollar club each year.  I have trained many advisors, who flocked to learn from a high-profile performer tag. All trainees wanted to take lessons from the horse’s mouth, rather than get trained under a theoretician.  I have developed a reputation in the insurance field of Hyderabad. From Life Insurance, I slowly expanded my services to incorporate a complete gamut of wealth management services.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the business arena?

In dealing with many clients, it was found that they were desperate to have a good wealth advisor, who takes care of their interests rather than that of their company alone. This kindled my interest to undertake this comprehensive wealth advisory service.

What were the initial challenges that you had to surmount to ensure Wealth Munshi’s success rate reached greater heights?

The whole working in the initial stages was full of mountains of paperwork. I designed my own software and converted every operation into digital mode. Every client can now track his portfolio from anywhere in the world.

What leadership skills, values, and qualities do you think your clients admire in you and Wealth Munshi the most?

Wealth Munshi is a 24×7 operating company. If the client needs any information or clarification, it is all given in a matter of a few minutes. All international clients find dealing with the company to be fast and accurate. Most of the growth of the company has been on the word of mouth. Just like marketing always talks of repeat buying, Wealth Munshi speaks of the new customers recommended by existing customers.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advise the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world?

A budding entrepreneur must learn the art of persuasion. Develop a never-say-die attitude. If you lose one client, don’t get depressed, there will always be someone else who is made for you. Study and gain total knowledge of the industry, and you are sure to succeed.

What are the USPs that highlight Wealth Munshi’s uniqueness in the industry you are catering to?

Experience: The diverse team of a highly skilled team with a rich experience that offers easy and customized solutions suited to the client’s requirements.

Trust: Wealth Munshi is known for its long-term association with customers which is built on the foundation of trust and reliability.

Global Presence: Scores of customers from various countries have been rightly consulted for their wealth and financial requirements. Wealth Munshi team successfully offers well-researched solutions for its global customers through the right analysis and precise planning.

Curated Solutions: Wealth Munshi has systematically curated and customized the complete financial planning for its clients. The services offer complete advantages to the customers in making and guiding them to achieving their life goals, methodically.

Professional Approach: Accurate forecast and core values of Wealth Munshi helped hundreds of satisfied customers in achieving their financial objectives easily. The professional aspects of understanding, planning, and profile creation with resource mobilization all have helped the clients comfortably achieve their investment aims.

How do you envision Wealth Munshi’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations?

We look forward to adding more clients, through the various schemes we have launched. India has a huge rural population waiting to join in their wings. Insurance has yet to make deep penetration in the rural markets. The steady economic growth of India, penetration of banking, 5G, digitization, Aadhar, UPI payment system, etc. are the fundamental foundation on which the country hopes to build a huge edifice of lasting insurance growth and security for all. Insurance has unlimited scope. With some short-term promotion of the companies in rural markets, they stand to get huge long-term benefits.

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