📅 Act Now! Safeguard Your Online Investment Control with the Deadline Extended to Dec 31, 2023!

We want to bring to your attention recent SEBI regulatory changes that have a significant impact on your ability to conduct online transactions, especially if your mobile and email information is not up to date:

Mutual Fund Nomination Deadline Extended: (Official announcement to follow) The deadline for mutual fund nominations has been extended to December 31, 2023.

Mobile and Email Verification: SEBI has introduced new regulations requiring mobile and email verification for online transactions. If your mobile and email information is not updated in your folio, you may face difficulties in processing online transactions.

For Demat Accounts:
Nomination deadline is officially extended to December 31, 2023.

For Trading Accounts:
Nomination is now officially optional (voluntary) to streamline business operations. Please take special note of the importance of updating your mobile and email information to ensure uninterrupted online transaction capabilities.

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