Emergency Funds Calculator

Emergency Funds Calculator

Your Goal / Requirement
You would like to build and maintain emergency funds in case of emergencies like job loss, business loss, hospitalization of family members or monetary help to friends and relatives

Sr.No Particulars Amount Remarks/Notes

Current Monthly Expenses

1 Household Expenses
2 Lifestyle Expenses
3 Dependent Expenses
4 Insurance Premiums
5 Loan EMI Servicing
Total Monthly Expenses

Emergency Fund Requirement

Emergency Period to Budget for (Months)
Emergency Funds Required
Approximate Emergency Funds Corpus

Creating the Emergency Fund Corpus

Current Bank balance
Bank balance allocated for Emergency Funds corpus %
Balance amount of Emergency Funds corpus to be accumulated from other sources
Amount of Corpus to be retained in Bank accounts %
Amount of Corpus to be invested in other instruments
Current Asset Utilised


Target Return on Emergency Funds Corpus %
Recommended to maintain amount in Savings Account
Recommended to maintain amount in Liquid Funds / Arbitage Funds / Flexi-Deposits

Fresh Savings Required

Deficit (Funds Required-Assets Utilized)
No. of Months in Savings Period
Monthly Savings Required

Planner Comments / Observations

You can divert 2 lakhs lying idle in your & your spouse's savings bank accounts to a liquid mutual fund and remaining 1.5 lakhs corpus can be built using the SIP mode with Rs. 5-10,000 per month over the next 12-24 months.